In a word? Fun! When you book your Senior sitting with our Studio we schedule an hour block of time for your sitting. This ensures that there’s plenty of time for a relaxed no pressure experience.  Feel free to invite some friends and bring any music you like to listen to.  You may also bring different outfits and any props that you would like.  On the football team?  Maybe you would like to bring your uniform shirt and a football.  Play an instrument?  Feel free to bring it along.  Whether you prefer one outfit or more, we can work with whatever you bring. 

When you arrive, we take a look at what you have brought and discuss any special request you may have.  Typically, we will start in our indoors studio and then head out to our outdoor studio.  We have a variety of natural settings to help capture some fun, casual shots.  We look forward to meeting you and creating the images that will help preserve a very special time in your life.  Please click here to request more information on high school senior sittings. You may also visit SENIOR INFO & PRICING or call 978-937-8686. 


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